Technical Expertise

Makin Metal Powders is a global leader in the development and supply of copper and copper alloy based powder systems and has built its business on its reputation as a high quality manufacturer. To ensure that it continues to achieve these high standards, MMP has invested in the experience and expertise of the technical team.

Throughout the business, all employees are encouraged to develop significant experience in metal powder manufacturing or supporting processes and are committed to delivering the highest quality products. At the core of its success lies the team in the development and testing laboratory. This custom-built laboratory facility is equipped with the most up to date instruments and facilities to ensure that design, development and delivery of powders match the customer’s specification in the most cost efficient manner.

Integrated Laboratory Facilities

The laboratory team are involved in all aspects of the company, liaising  with Customer Service on specifications / certification, assisting in the selection and testing of raw materials, liaising with production to ensure consistency from sample to production batch, etc.

As well as the development of powders from customer specifications and samples the team has at its disposal a library of hundreds of standard, core powders and pre-mixes which can be put into production at short notice.

The laboratory facilities allow the team to provide full particle, physical and chemical analysis to meet any sizing and grading requirements requested by its customers.

Company-Wide Technical Expertise

Technical expertise at Makin is not confined to the laboratory team (where no less than 5 individuals hold technical degree-level qualifications), though, as considerable expertise is also to be found within the Production and the Customer Service teams. So when this resource works on your behalf you know you have the benefit of the experience and expertise from across the whole company.