Processing Capabilities

The 10.000 sq metre purpose-built facilities allow Makin to manufacture Copper, Bronze, and Tin powders alongside Infiltrants, Press-Ready Pre-Mix and Speciality powders.

The site include both Water-Atomising and Air-Atomising production facilities, both of which have sieving , blending,, and other specialised post-atomising  capabilities to ensure Makin can produce powders to any particle size or chemical composition.

Streamlined, Continuous Process

The production process has been streamlined into a continuous process that is continually evaluated for improvements in quality and cost efficiencies which can be passed on to the customer. Capable of, and often requiring, the operation of a 24 hour shift system, the production planning process has been fine-tuned over many years by the experienced production and quality teams to give shortest lead-time and lowest cost possible. A much-used company suggestion scheme also provides an opportunity for all members of the team to assist in raising quality standards or introduce efficiency savings by putting forward their ideas.

The site has separate Tin, Air-Atomising and Water-Atomising facilities which helps prevent  cross-contamination. The despatch and warehousing facilities are designed to facilitate accurate and stream-lined batch control and monitoring where First-In First Out (FIFO) is practised and batch traceability is ensured from raw materials through to customer deliveries by virtue of an electronic bar code data capture system.

Quality control is built into all production processes from the 100% checking of all raw materials which enter the site to the 100% checking of all deliveries

Health and Safety Compliance

The site is also fully compliant with all Health and Safety and Hazardous Chemicals legislation with an external company performing regular audits to ensure all of the required training and certification of personnel and plant is kept up to date.