Cyber Crime

We care that you do not become a victim of Cyber Crime. From time to time, MMP, like many other businesses, may be targeted by cyber criminals seeking to disrupt communications, give false instructions and to commit fraud against us, our customers and suppliers. Usually there is a financial motivation to these activities and we want to work with you in preventing these potential losses. 

If you receive an e-mail from us that looks in any way suspicious, either because of the sender’s apparent e-mail address, the ‘reply to’ address, or the content of the e-mail, then please call your MMP contact to verify the e-mail.

More specific examples of suspicious content include the following:

1. Where the sender’s e-mail address looks like, but is not exactly, according to our e-mail protocol – which is If you see, for example, or or, please let us know immediately and do not engage in an e-mail response with the sender.

2. Where the e-mail has a different ‘reply to’ address or format to our own. If the e-mail does not have a visible ‘reply to’ element, or you are unable to check this by clicking in the header area of the e-mail, please also let us know immediately.

3. If the sender asks you to remit payments to a new bank account, for any reason, please call us immediately. We will never change banking details without verbally confirming with our partners first.

4. If the sender asks you for financial details, payment schedules or other financial details that you consider unusual, please call us to verify before responding.

Detecting Cyber Crime can sometimes be very difficult, but we hope that with care and co-operation, we can work together to protect our interests. If there are any parts of these notes that need further clarification, or if we can help in any other way, then please feel free to ask us.