Electrolytic Copper Powder

MMP Electrolytic Copper Powders (ECP) are available in multiple grades, each characterized according to, for example, particle size, specific surface area and apparent density. ECP (sometimes referred to as dendritic) grades are manufactured by an electrolysis process and then further processed in our modern, purpose-built facility.

Material properties are engineered by careful control of processing parameters, allowing us to offer tailored solutions to our  customers’ requirements.

MMP Electrolytic Copper Powders are available in a range of variants, having low, medium and high apparent densities, with highly differentiated morphologies ranging from acicular to pseudo-spheroidal / irregular. Selecting the most appropriate grade for the application is of great importance in order to optimize material performance – in relation to green strength, compressibility, electrical conductivity, porosity and other parameters.

ECP is available in a variety of UN-approved packaging options, including 25kg sacks, 25-250kg steel drums and 250-1,000kg bulk bags.


Typical applications include additives to iron powder production, lightening protection, improvements to properties of sintered parts (especially for thin walled parts, where high green strength is required and to minimise segregation), friction components, decorative and architectural finishes, welding and brazing, diamond tooling, electrical contacts, antimicrobial coatings, veterinary science and winning of precious metals.

Technical Specifications

For indicative technical specifications, please refer to the table below – and for more information about any Electrolytic Copper Powder requirement that you may have, please contact us!

Dendritic Copper (Heavy)
Cu > 99.7%
2.0 – 2.7g/cc
Dendritic Copper (Medium)
Cu > 99.5%
1.0 – 2.0g/cc
Dendritic Copper (Light)
Cu > 99.4%
0.5 – 1.0g/cc