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Applications of Metal Powders


Anti-Fouling Paint

 In  general since the term fouling refers broadly to the amassment of material onto a surface to the extent that it prohibits or interferes with some intended function.  Marine growth, such as barnacles, mussels, seaweed, and slime will develop on the underside of a ship’s hull and cause a host of problems if premptive action is not taken.  Fouled boat hulls increase drag in the water slowing the vessel down.  Left unchecked, over time these accumulated growths can cause permanent damage to a ship.  It’s generally accepted that the most straightforward approach is through use of anti-fouling coatings to prevent the problem from beginning.  Paints formulated with copper powders are one of the most common approaches to anti-fouling coatings.  Not only does the copper act as a biocide to prevent organism growth, but it also aids in corrosion prevention.  Additionally, the copper finish provides an aesthetically pleasing look, reminiscent of the days when the hulls of sailing ships were covered with copper sheets to achieve the same result.

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Friction (brakes)

Welding and Brazing

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