Partially Pre-Alloyed Bronze Powders

Makin have developed a range of Partially Pre-Alloyed Bronzes which may be tailored to suit individual customer requirements. The range continues to expand in accordance with specific demands and now includes a broader range of alloys and particle sizes/morphologies.

With our experience and on-site manufacturing, we are able to supply in large quantities across the world in different markets and applications.


Technical Description

Utilising the expertise of our Production and Technical teams, powders are now offered in both Irregular and Dendritic morphologies in the form of Bronzes or more complex alloy systems. By carefully choosing the most appropriate combination of characteristics it is possible to engineer the powders to ideally suit requirements, be they Green Strength, Sintered Strength, Ductility, Hardness, Oxidation resistance, etc.


Partially Pre-Alloyed powders are typically used in pressed and sintered Bronze components, Diamond Tools and Bronze-Filled PTFE Seals.



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