Lead-Free Bronze (Bi-Metal Strip) Bearing Powders

Our range of Lead-Free Bronzes designed for Bi-Metal Strip destined for Steel-Backed Bearings has been developed over many years. They are manufactured on site here in Rochdale and may be engineered to suit individual customer specifications and requirements.


These powders have been developed in response to demands to eradicate the use of lead (Pb) in automotive applications due to environmental issues and supporting legislation. We deliver these powders to customers worldwide and believe we are a leader in the field in terms of quality, product development and performance.


Technical Description

Our Lead-Free Bronzes are metallurgically advanced and are the result of careful development in response to customer requirements. We understand the technology and the demands placed upon the product, process and legislative issues and, working with our customers, we can offer cost-effective powders that deliver solutions.


Available with a range of granulometries, compositions and morphologies, these powders manufactured in our modern, purpose-built facilities can be engineered to suit customer requirements. They are characterised by good reproducibility batch after batch, and are available in a variety of UN-approved packaging options including 25kg sacks, steel drums (50-100kg) and Big Bags (250, 500, 1000kg).


Usage & Application

Lead-Free Bronze Powders are used in the manufacture of steel-backed bearings (or bi-metal strip) for large engine bearings (automotive, agricultural vehicles, marine engines, etc.) where lead (Pb)- replacement is a necessity and where higher hardness/wear resistance may also be needed, depending upon the end-application.


For more information about any lead free powder requirements you may have, please contact us.


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