Speciality Powders

With our long experience and technical know-how in the manufacture of non-ferrous powders, we have developed a range of Speciality Powders with many different properties and characteristics to meet specific customer requirements and for specialised end-uses. All meet our usual exacting standards and are produced here in our purpose-built factory in Rochdale for sale to customers around the world.


Technical Description

The range of Speciality Powders is wide and varied, manufactured by a number of different methods and techniques, and has been developed via an active R&D programme. Such techniques include (but are not limited to) water-atomising, air-atomising, sinter-diffusion bonding, annealing, blending, etc. These processes confer particular properties on the powders by virtue of a combination of carefully selected chemistry and processing and these may be engineered to suit customer requirements.


As with all Makin products, very low lead (Pb) levels and good repeatability from batch-to-batch are critical features. Some of the Speciality Powders offered are listed here, although Makin is always interested to work with customers to develop new and novel products where desired.


Our Speciality Powder Range



Various packaging options are available in a variety of UN-approved packaging options including 25kg sacks, steel drums (50-200kg) and Big Bags (250, 500, 1000kg).


Usage & Application

Many of our Speciality Powders are customer-specific but applications include pressed and sintered components, bearings and bushings, steel-backed bearings (bi-metal strip), friction parts, filters, bronze-filled PTFE for hydraulic seals, surface engineering, decorative, welding and brazing, diamond tooling, electronics, etc.


Please contact for any powders required that are not listed – we may be able to develop powders especially for you.