Makin Metal Powders manufacture and supply dendritic copper powder from their headquarters

Dendritic Copper Powder

Our Dendritic Copper Powders (often referred to as Electrolytic Copper Powder or ECP) are available in various grades of differing Particle Size, Specific Surface Area, Apparent Density and morphology. We process dendritic copper powders on site here in Rochdale that can be “standard, off-the-shelf” types or designed to meet individual customers’ needs and we supply into a wide range of markets and applications around the world.


Technical Description

Dendritic Copper Powders are manufactured by an electrolysis process and are then further processed in our modern, purpose-built facilities. Properties can be engineered as desired by careful selection of raw materials and control of processing parameters allowing us to offer tailored solutions for our customers.


Our Dendritic Copper Powders range includes Light, Medium and Heavy variants, having low, medium and high Apparent Densities respectively and very different morphologies ranging from highly acicular to pseudo-spheroidal/irregular. Selecting the most appropriate grade for the application is of great importance as the range facilitates good Green Strength, high Compressibility, excellent electrical conductivity as well as influencing porosity.


Very low lead (Pb) levels can be offered and also low oxygen content where required with good reproducibility batch after batch; a variety of UN-approved packaging options includes 25kg sacks, steel drums (50-100kg) and Big Bags (250, 500, 1000kg).


Usage & Application

Dendritic Copper Powders are used in very many applications, markets and technologies by virtue of the wide range of physical properties. Typical uses include additions to iron powder to improve properties of sintered parts (especially for thin-walled parts, where higher Green Strength is required and to minimise segregation), friction components, decorative applications, conductive oils and greases, welding and brazing, diamond tooling, carbon brush, anti-fouling paints, electronics, electrical contacts, winning of precious metals, etc.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of our Dendritic Copper Powders:


Dendritic Copper (Heavy) Cu>99.7 >2.0 <150
Dendritic Copper (Medium) Cu>99.5 1.5 +/- 0.5 <150
Dendritic Copper (Light) Cu>99.4 <1.0 <63
Dendritic Copper (Medium) Cu>99.5 1.7 +/- 0.5 <45


For more information about any dendritic copper powder requirements you may have, please contact us.