Irregular Bronze Powders Supplied By Makin Metals

Our Irregular Bronze Powders are available in various grades of differing Particle Size, Specific Surface Area, Apparent Density and composition. We manufacture Irregular Bronze Powders on site here in Rochdale that can be “standard, off-the-shelf” types or designed to meet individual customers’ needs and we are a supplier in large quantities into a wide range of markets and applications around the world.


Irregular Bronze Powder Technical Description

Irregular Bronze Powders are manufactured by a water-atomising process in our modern, purpose-built facilities. Properties can be engineered as desired by careful control of processing parameters and chemical composition allowing us to offer tailored solutions for our customers.


Our Irregular Bronze Powders range includes tin content up to 40% and particle sizes from less than 45 microns to around 500 microns facilitating good Green Strength and Compressibility. All are characterised by:


  • Low lead (Pb) content
  • Good reproducibility batch after batch
  • Available in a variety of UN-approved packaging options including 25kg sacks, steel drums (50-100kg) and Big Bags (250, 500, 1000kg).


Usage & Application

Irregular Bronze Powders are used in very many applications, markets and technologies by virtue of the wide range of physico-chemical properties. Typical uses include pressed and sintered components, bearings and bushings, friction parts, bronze-filled PTFE for hydraulic seals, surface engineering, decorative, welding and brazing, diamond tooling, etc.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of our Irregular Bronze Powders:


Irregular Bronze Powder Sn10 - 40 2.6 to 3.6 <150


For more information about any irregular bronze powder requirements you may have, please contact us.