From the start of the process, which may begin with an initial customer enquiry through to the eventual delivery of the powder, Makin has built the philosophy to achieve the highest quality standards in every step of the way.


All the systems and processes at Makin are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited. Investment in the laboratory and production process and a stringent process control system ensures that Makin delivers exceptional consistency from approved sample through to production batch delivered to the customer. The entire process is subject to continuous monitoring as part of a process improvement programme. The company is also fully committed and compliant with European Reach legislation.


Makin’s commitment to deliver quality powders can be seen not just in the consistency of the powders it delivers but in its continuous monitoring of its performance, whether it be the percentage of On Time In Full (OTIF) deliveries or speed of response to customer communications.


Maintaining a reputation for quality

From the day a new employee joins Makin the need to deliver to quality standards and the importance of the reputation for quality which Makin holds is stressed, and becomes part of the employee’s appraisal and development process.


Makin prides itself on delivering to the tightest customer specification on all aspects including particle size, chemical make-up and physical properties, consistently - delivery after delivery. Makin is also aware of environmental requirements and supports the Metal Powder Industries Federation in their campaign through the PM logo to emphasize that powder technology is a recognized Green Technology.