Our People

Any company is only as good as the people it employs and Makin is no different in this regard. That is why Makin chooses each and every employee with considerable care ensuring that they meet its standards of work and that they will fit within the existing team’s ethos and philosophy. Teamwork and an open, questioning culture are essential to Makin’s success, with each member understanding their role and able to contribute their ideas or challenge existing ways of working whenever it can lead to improvements to the benefit of the company, its employees and customers.


Where possible, Makin prefers to train and develop its existing team rather than recruit outside of the company unless it is searching for specific skills. Of the total number of employees, around 25% hold degree-level qualifications with many more being qualified to recognised industry-specific standards.

The company is committed to a diverse workforce and works hard to ensure that it offers equality of opportunity to everyone.

Now meet a few members of the team:


Operations Manager

Makin Metal Powders has been a family affair for Jimmy ever since he started work here over 25 years ago. Initially working a 12 hour shift, often 7 days per week, Jimmy started to learn about the production processes surrounded by his Uncles and other family members who worked here. Experienced in every single role, Jimmy really has “been there and done that” building up an understanding of every part of the production process and a knowledge of the production plant which is second to none. With over 10 years management experience Jimmy has the depth of knowledge and expertise to ensure that every powder is made as efficiently as possible and exactly to the customers specification.


Jimmy’s expertise and ability to coach the production team is invaluable to the efficiency of Makin’s manufacturing processes, and his dedication often means that even when he is spending time with his other passion, his family and granddaughters, Jimmy’s mind will still be on improving production efficiency and so scribbled notes are then taken into work. As a lifelong supporter of a local football team it is perhaps understandable that Jimmy’s thoughts also turn to work when he is watching them. Jimmy’s ability to lead and develop the right production team, who have the right set of skills ensures that Makin can retain the reputation for efficiency and quality in the powders they produce.



Supply Chain Manager

Eve is a role model for successfully balancing raising a young family with developing a successful career. The career started in the hardest customer service environment in the U.K., managing an English Public House and there is no harder place to learn the importance of ensuring the customer wants to return to you than being the manager of an English Pub. Through starting her career in this role, Eve had an early introduction to the level of hard work and dedication needed in making a business successful – this has subsequently proven invaluable as Eve has focussed on developing herself into a customer focused, commercial professional over a 12 year period working in a number of corporate customer service roles. Enthusiastic in learning new skills and proud of the strong reputation in customer service that Makin Metal Powders holds, Eve ensures that everyone in her area of responsibility goes out of their way to look after our customers. As she is often the first port of call for customers and agents Eve has had to develop a strong knowledge of export logistics and she has taken time out from her family to obtain further qualifications to ensure the safe and efficient shipment of Makin products all over the world. After 8 years with MMP and with a role now including the procurement of key raw materials, Eve is a key member of the senior team, leading others in delivering to the highest standards of customer service and relationship management. is a role model for successfully balancing raising a young family with developing a successful career. 



Product Technologist.  H.N.C., D.Q.T.M.

When he is not enjoying the tranquillity of the English countryside with his family as a member of the Caravan Club of Great Britain, Chris is focussed on maintaining the technical standards that have given Makin its strong reputation in the global powder manufacturing market. With a wealth of experience in technical and quality roles across a number of manufacturing industries from 1985 onwards, Chris is well equipped to lead the technical services team in Makin. Taking Best practice from his previous experience in the Chemical and Paint industries Chris has applied his expertise in strengthening the product development, testing and production control processes in Makin. Chris in particular enjoys the challenges involved in the development and production of new products, working with the production team from the first steps of the sampling process, to ensure the technical integrity of the product from sample to delivered production product. The complexity of his work perhaps explains why Chris enjoys the moments of relaxation he gets in spending a few days each month with his family exploring the UK country side.





Quality Assurance Manager

In the Makin team Colin’s experience truly marks him out as the “Mr Copper “ of the team. The experience Colin has had both before and after he became a member of The Royal Society of Chemists in 1972 is truly remarkable and truly international. After a period working as part of a technical team in the original Makin Colin showed his ambition and sense of adventure by taking his then very young family to Zambia to lead technical teams based in the Copper Mines. After many years in this role and with a family which had the incredible experience of growing up in Zambia, in 1991 the family made the very difficult decision that it was time to return home to the United Kingdom. With his extensive experience and the expertise in Copper Colin had developed it was perhaps inevitable that Colin would find himself undertaking his current role as part of the technical services team at Makin Metal Powders. Always willing to go the extra mile Colin has enthusiastically taken on the key Quality role at Makin as well as serving on industry bodies supporting the EMPA. Fully qualified in all aspects of Quality Systems and legislation such as REACH, Colin ensures that the whole team at Makin know the quality and compliance standards expected if the strong reputation Makin enjoys is to be maintained. The team will also tell you that he is not reticent in ensuring that everyone in the team complies with the quality processes and that standards are maintained.



IT Coordinator   B.A. Hons. Maths and Computing


Makin Metal Powders has its own I.T. guru, Stephen to whom everyone turns whether facing, internet, software, or hardware issues. Stephen therefore has learnt to cope with the odd crisis within the system, and finding the solutions which ensure that the key processes in the company which require IT support flow smoothly.
As well as dealing in the day to day issues, Stephen has a key role in planning and implementing the IT structure of the future, as Makin looks forward over the next 5 years and introduces new processes and technology.
From his university days studying computer sciences at Manchester University, to the present day, Stephen has spent time in numerous IT roles, building up the experience and knowledge that enables him to juggle so many aspects of IT in his current role. The experience outside of Makin has varied from programming roles to IT project roles and has even included a brief flirtation with teaching. The patience and management skills Stephen has developed over his career undoubtedly have paid dividends for Makin.
As well as his role at Makin, Stephen also performs an even more important role as a husband, father, and now grandfather. Finding himself spending time helping the youngest of his 4 children learn karate. Stephen also found his interest in karate growing and is now a student of this disciplined marshal art himself. So in theory not a man to argue with, Stephen still shows the patience and empathy which serves him well at home in work. A respected and critical member of the team, Stephen has a key role in leading the company through the many changes required as it retains an up to date IT infrastructure and up to date manufacturing processes.

Steve Ellis

Supply Chain Director B.Sc. Hons, MBA

Originally graduating in Materials Science and then later with an MBA, Steve has the technical and business knowledge to have a major impact upon the future of Makin for the foreseeable future. Along with this knowledge he also brings considerable business experience and skills which he has developed while holding Board and Senior level positions in technical,, operational, commercial and general management roles in a  number of companies. These companies have included major multinational corporations such as Pirelli, Corning and HOYA, as well as smaller, independent businesses in both turnaround and high growth situations.

In these ‘few years’ since graduating, all of Steve’s time has been spent in companies engaged in B2B activity, much of it concerning procurement and processing of copper and some of it with one of Makin’s filtration customers. The one exception to this time being when Steve joined a former colleague in developing an online business involved in marketing a business turnaround toolkit. Application of on-line technology remains a keen interest and Steve may often be spotted sporting the latest gadgets. All in the interests of business productivity of course.

Steve joined Makin Metal Powders in February 2016.

Always keen to work with customers in developing or finding mutually beneficial solutions and in exploring opportunities to improve our supply chain, Steve combines a real enthusiasm for materials technology and product application with a structured, organised approach to business management. He has been able to work with a number of significant global customers, ranging from major and key accounts through to local, highly technical specialised businesses.
Outside of work, Steve enjoys travel with his family and various outdoor activities including golf (where his natural competitiveness tends to show through), walking and, whenever possible, scuba diving and skiing. It is perhaps apt that many of the end users of Makin’s products are in the automotive sector as one of Steve’s most enjoyable leisure moments was taking part in a Formula Ford Racing Driver Course, and so if he ever offers you a lift in his car, you have been warned.

Michael Yan

Marketing Director M. B. A.

Michael as Marketing Director can utilise his considerable previous experience of Sales and Marketing  having directed the International Business unit of GRIPM (Mother company of Makin). A fluent English speaker Michael as being a member of the Makin board will also retain responsibility for sales in East Asia. 

Michael has a first class technical background as well as considerable experience in Marketing and Sales and so will be in an ideal position to guide the marketing activity globally for Makin. The previous roles he has held means that he has also gained vast experience in the of varied industry sectors of nonferrous metals materials.This means his overall knowledge of the metal powder marketplace is second to none.

As well as being a high achieving graduate in metallurgical technology, Michael has also qualified as a Master of Business Administration which means he is very well qualified to represent Makin due to his deep understanding of metal powder products and how Makin products can be presented to the global marketplace.

Michael is ambitious and driven in achieving his goals, and will spend considerable time in the UK at the Makin plant working with the UK based team. This means he understands the technical capabilities of the development and production teams as well as becoming familiar with the plant and capacity. 

Alongside his work duties, Michael is also at heart a devoted family man and so he also ensures he finds time to spend with his young family. 

Phil Wilcock

Finance Director BA ( Hons), ACMA, CGMA 

A high achieving graduate, Phil Wilcock joined Makin with a background that included experience in financial roles as diverse as a financial accountant role for a North West manufacturer, to a role with a New York stockbroking company. Phil brings a wealth of experience to the role and was part of the finance team that nursed Makin through the troubled economic climate of the last decade to achieving the robust financial position it now holds.

Aiming for the highest standards in his own role Phil also challenges others around him to deliver to the same standard. Ambitious and with a desire to improve his qualifications Phil has found time to improve his own financial qualifications while balancing the time needed for this with work and the needs of a young family. Phil’s personal hobbies of running and cycling echo the drive and enthusiasm he shows in work, however Phil has another side to his character which can be seen in the Charitable work Phil and his family undertake in giving up their personal leisure time to help others less fortunate than themselves. 

Jonathan Hood

Managing Director B.Sc. Hons, C. Engineer, Qualified Lean Coach

A highly qualified engineer,Jonathan has a distinct advantage in his role as Managing Director at Makin as before his move into this role he gained over 20 years’ experience in Sales, Technical and Quality roles. This experience and the expertise he developed during it mean that Jon has the ability to understand position Makin occupies in the global metal powder market, and how he can guide its growth in future years.

In many cases Jonathan can use his expertise and knowledge of metallurgy and the metal powder process to improve to the production process and ultimately to improve the product delivered to the customer bearing in mind the end use application of the powder.

The expertise of a highly qualified and experienced metallurgist in Jon’s case is combined with the passion, energy and warmth of his Welsh heritage, qualities’ that have led to his considerable previous success in growing the Makin business.  

Decision making, Leadership  and Communication skills he has developed in the fast moving  environment  of a rugby pitch also apply equally to his role in guiding the Makin team to deliver the best possible products to their customers on time and in a cost effective manner.

Ambitious and always eager to face new challenges Jon enjoys stepping away from his pressured role and its necessary Global travel to spend time with his family and occasionally to seek the tranquility of the golf course, although with his competitive streak that tranquility never lasts for too long.. 




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