Meet the GRIPM Family

GRIPM Advanced Materials Ltd.


GRIPM Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is a Beijing based High Tech enterprise, specializing in production, research and sales of Non Ferrous metal powders. Established in 1997, GRIPM manufactures Copper powder, Copper Alloy powder, Tin powder, Cobalt powder and various pre-alloyed powders to provide high quality metal powder materials and professional services for applications of PM parts, diamond tools, carbon brushes and chemical engineering electronics etc. industries. GRIPM has swiftly grown to become the largest Copper powder and Copper alloy powder production base in China. As part of the GRINM family of Companies, all the work done by GRIPM is underpinned by its strong professional Technical expertise, R & D facilities, and its manufacturing technology.




GRICY Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.: Sister company of MMP. The 2nd largest copper powder and copper alloy powder producer in China.
Main products: Electrolytic Copper Powder, Atomised Copper Powder, Atomised Copper Alloy Powder, FeCu Alloy Powder, Tin Powder, Lead Powder, Various Pre-Alloyed Powder.


Beijing COMPO Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.: Sister company of MMP. The leading solder powder producer in the world.
Main products: Tin Based Solder Powder, Solder Wire, Solder Bar, BGA Solder Ball, Anti-oxidant Alloy, Preformed Solders.


Beijing Hengyuan Tianqiao Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. Sister company of MMP.
Main product: Composite cam, PM hollow camshaft, Conventional PM parts.