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Makin Metal Powders (UK ) Ltd has achieved its current position as one of the leading Copper and Copper Alloy powder producers in Europe by supplying the powders that match customer technical specifications in the most cost effective manner on a consistent basis, batch after batch. Whether a new specification requiring full approvals, or one drawn from Makin’s considerable library that can be produced in a short lead time, every product manufactured by Makin is subject to the same rigourous quality testing and procedures.


Worldwide Growth

Due to its commitment to both customer service and quality products it has a long track record of successfully exporting to many European countries, as well as to many customers based in the Far East and the USA.  The company has used its export expertise to grow its business to other global customers based in countries that include a number of the emerging markets such as India and South America.


The whole Makin team is experienced at all aspects of exporting to the variety of global markets in which they operate, however, the core of the relationship between global customers and Makin is the work and expertise of its Customer Service team and its Agents and Distributors. They are all fully trained and conversant with the various types of powders Makin manufactures and the end-use / applications of each type of powder.


Makin understands that the key to its successful export business is its ability is to be able to provide a flexible and rapid response to its customers supported by ease of access to the team and ease of communications. The customer-facing team is supported by the technical team in ensuring that Makin meets specifications and requirements, matches samples and provides all necessary information and certification for export purposes. The production, quality and despatch teams are also experienced in meeting customer requirements whether it be for full Batch traceability or specific packaging requirements, as requested by the customer.

Global Agents and Distribution

To ensure Makin understands the Global markets for its powder products Makin selects its global Agents and Distributors with great care and strives to provide them with full training and support. The Agent network provides Makin with its global reach and capability as can be seen from the list of agents and contact details as indicated on the interactive map.


The Customer Service team is supported by a carefully selected network of Agents and Distributors that helps to ensure that Makin provides a truly global, flexible and rapid service for customers.


Code of Conduct and Business Ethics


Makin Metal Powders (UK) Ltd recognises its resposibilities in terms of its Code of Conduct, Business Ethics, and Conflict Free Sourcing and has firm policies in place to address these issues. Further information is available in the Downloads section.